Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick

Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick : The rapid post international post a new related about the Basic SEO techniques and SEO tips and trick. Now a day very important SEO for your website and blog. The most basic thing in search engine optimization (SEO) a website is keyword and Long Tail Keyword. Keywords can determine the amount of blog or web traffic coming from search engines.

Keyword is also the most attention in implementing basic SEO tips. Therefore, the selection of the right keywords is important to achieve maximum results.

Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick | Keyword also Long tail Keyword is the key in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The keywords you choose will play a role in determining the amount of traffic or visitors coming from search engines, such as google, yahoo, bing, yandex etc....

» For maximum results, do first a research in finding the right keywords.

» The selected keywords should be the most searched keywords in the search engines.

» If you choose the wrong keywords, this will certainly result in quiet visitors. But, if the selected keywords are correct, then the visitors who come from search engines will be more.

» An article or writing should have good keywords in order to support its ranking in search engines.

» One of the tips in choosing it is to use a specific keyword or can be called a keyword or long tail keyword instead of using short keywords that have a high level of competition. This is mainly used for blogs or websites that are still new.

» The advantage gained by using long tail keywords is that it can reduce the competition for a keyword on search in search engines.

» Thus, the opportunity of the article on search engines will become bigger. In addition, search engine information in search engines usually also use a few words to perform a search.

Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick

Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick : - Register to search engines first owned website, especially google. Because currently google search engine is the most popular compared to other search engines.and also BING, yandex etc search engine.

For blogger / blogspot users do not need to register the website to google. Blogger will automatically register your blog on google search engine if you do not change the default settings.

For those who want to learn free SEO, first mastered the basic SEO techniques.

Below, will explain 3 basic tips in learning SEO for beginners to know in doing search engine optimization, among them:

Determine the title of the page (title tag) correctly

Create an effective description (meta description)

Use keywords inside the page

Below will be explained in more detail about the three things above

1. Determine the title of the page (title tag) appropriately

Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick : The page title is a sentence contained in the title tag and is located between the head tags.This title will be used as the title of the tab of a page that opens in the web browser. In addition, this title tag will also be read by search engines as web titles in search results. Here's an example code.

<title> Page Title </ title>

See more about placing title tags on HTML files.

» Title tags are one of the most important components of onpage optimization. Because this tag will show the search engine what topic is being discussed in the text and will appear on the first line before the description.

» The reader will also first see the title of the article rather than its content to choose which website to open in the search results. Therefore, do not make the title of an article in vain.

» One of the things to do is to add the selected keywords to the page title. In addition to optimal results, place the keyword at the beginning of the title of the page. Because the more in front of the keywords are placed then the better.

» One of the most common mistakes is to put the brand or title of the homepage at the beginning of the article title.

If you are a blogspot user and using the default template, the brand will be created at the beginning of the title of each article. In SEO tips, this is not recommended. So for better results put the brand at the end of the title.

Tips on defining page titles

Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick , Please make a good article title in the eyes of readers and also search engines, you should know tips. Here are tips to know in making an article title.

» Create a title in accordance with the contents of the article

» The title should be made to describe the content of a page.

» Based on SEO starter guide made by google, it is said to avoid making titles that have no relevance to the content / content of the page. Also, avoid creating default or unclear titles such as "Untitled", "New Page 1".

» Create a fishing article title

» If your page is in the top ten google search with certain keywords then the possibility of the page will be flooded by visitors, especially if it ranks first.

» It is even possible that your article will be more clicked than articles in a higher order but has a mediocre title.

2. Create an effective description (meta description)

» Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick :Descriptions are some sentences that are excerpts from a post.

» Important descriptions to add to each page because maybe google will use it as a snippet or snippet inside the search results. Although google can create its own snippet to show relevant sentences.

» Just like the title, add also the keyword at the beginning of the description. Then how to add a description? Description is created by using the description meta tag in the template. This meta tag code will look like the following.

» <meta name = "description" content = "page description" />

» Google may also use descriptions derived from the Open Directory Project (ODP) if your website is listed there. You can read it in an article from google about snippet.

» According to google via Webmaster Central Blog, meta descriptions have no effect on website position in search engine, but can increase clickthrough.

» However, indirect meta description will also affect the ranking in search engines. Because clickthrough has an impact on the search engine results page (SERP).

Tips on creating article descriptions

» Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick : Description made in accordance with the contents of the article

» Similar to how to create a title, the description should also be made according to the article. Make an appropriate description to describe the contents of the article. Do not create descriptions that have no relation to the content.

» Not only contains keywords

» In creating a description, do not just put keywords into it. Because not only search engines, this description will also be read by information seekers. So for the reader's convenience create a quality description, not just filled with keywords only.

» Create unique and different title tags and meta description in each article.

3. Using keywords inside the page

» Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick : Besides being used in the title and description, keywords are also used in the content of the page.

» You can repeat the keyword several times to indicate the keyword of an article. With note, repetition of keywords is not done excessively. Do the repetition with a logical sentence.

» Keyword density or keyword density on a page was once influential on SEO. But now keyword density no longer has a role in Search Engine Optimization. Most importantly, add keywords naturally.

» Repetition of keywords is better by using word variations, which are more specific keywords, than just repeating the exact same keyword.

» One of the Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick : that is important is about where keywords are placed. Then how to put a good keyword for optimization? There are some places that need to be given attention to put keywords in it. Are as follows.

» Tag Heading (H1, H2, H3, ....)

» This heading tag is used to make a page become structured using the main headings and sub-headings.

» Heading tags should be created in sequence, not at random. This means there are no heading tags that jump to an inappropriate heading.

» Also add keywords in this tag. Google would prefer a website page like this.

URL should not be too long. Shorter URLs would be great. Also use keywords in creating URLs.make a url like your title

Add keywords to the anchor text of the link. Avoid creating text links with words that have nothing to do with the intended page.

Added links can be internal links as well as external links. Both types of links if used correctly can also help the ranking of websites in search engines.
Alt Tags

The Alt tag will be visible to the reader as text on the image if the web browser is unable to open it. For that create a text on the alt tag that can describe the image.

This tag will also help search engines find images on a website with certain keywords on image search.Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick

We recommend Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick that you use keywords effectively in paragraphs without doing so with excess.

That is the Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick to know in doing search engine optimization. The three basic tips above are onpage SEO tips and Basic SEO techniques | SEO tips and trick.

Hopefully these tips can help you in learning SEO for free.

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