Easy Way Get Google Indexed Fast 2018

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How To Get Easy Way Get Google Indexed Fast 2018 - I'm sure every blogger every article writing and publish his article would want to post or articles to quickly indexed google and can appear on the search engine page, sometimes if we after publish the article, if we do nothing , then the article will be long to google indexed even for days, but we want our articles to appear in Google faster.

Easy Way Get Google Indexed Fast 2018 Articles or posts that quickly indexed google is also very good for SEO because it will be read by google with fresh and new content, for that by doing one trick so that every we publish the article and will quickly indexed google in one second, this is indeed the most powerful way, because we use the direct tools webmaster submit for the article or post we can quickly index google, then how to use the webmaster to quickly indexed google?

Easy Way Get Google Indexed Fast 2018

» First step

1. Make sure you have published a new article
2. Now go to
3. In the new tab fill the URL of your article> Captcha Contents> Click Submit
See example image below:
4. Please check your article in search engine.

» The second way

I think the first way the article would have indexed google, but what's wrong to consolidate our article indexed google.

1. Go to the dashboard webmaster
2. Go to webmaster> select your blog site
3. In dashboard> Crawls> Fetch as google
4. Enter the URL of the article at the start of the date> Click Grab> Send Index
See example image below:
5. Please check your article.

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