AdSense Alternative To Making Money From the Internet

CPA Marketing: AdSense Alternative To Making Money From the Internet. Shaikh Iliyas’s Blog Latest post about AdSense CPA marketing Alternative to making money from the Internet.Most novice bloggers might think that being a Google AdSense publisher (and various other ad networks) is the only way to make money from the internet. Even though there are many other alternatives that are no less tempting if taken seriously. The form of blog monetization is not fixed only from placing advertisements, whether it’s banner ads, pop-ups, or others.

It’s also possible to start an online business by selling products or services, getting sales commissions by becoming an affiliate , or opening a content placement service where we publish an article that contains a backlink from an advertiser. Of the many forms of monetization, I will discuss one type which (unfortunately) is still less popular than AdSense, namely CPA marketing.

AdSense Alternative To Making Money From the Internet

Definition of CPA

I will not describe the meaning of CPA marketing in a sentence so that you understand what the original concept was like. I will invite you to first understand what affiliate marketing is. Do you really have something to do?

Affiliate marketing is one type of marketing where we will get a commission every sale. In short, we become intermediaries who sell other people’s products. When someone buys, the seller will give a commission.

CPA or Cost Per Action (some call it Cost Per Acquisition ) is a derivative of the affiliate. The system is the same, which gets paid if there is a sale. The difference is the goods sold. If the affiliate usually sell physical and digital products, the CPA using the action or actions in which we “entice” someone to do something that was advertised in the offer page (landing page).

Types of CPA Actions

Above it has been explained that CPA invites visitors to take certain actions. So what are the forms of action? Here are some examples of CPA actions :

  • Registering email address
  • Subscribe or subscribe to a service
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Fill out the form with complete personal data
  • Fill out the survey
  • Download file
  • Fill in credit card information
  • Installing applications on smartphones (also known as CPI – Cost Per Install )

#Illustration of Events

To further make you understand, I demonstrated using a fictional event.Suppose you have a landing page that contains information about streaming movie services. There, a free 3-minute movie clip is pinned. When someone wants to see the film in full, you offer a link that leads to the form. There, visitors must write their email address.

When the action is carried out, you successfully “seduce” the visitor to take the required action. That’s when you get a commission for the actions of others.

CPA Advantages

  • Big Commission
    Every time you get someone to take action, you will get a commission whose amount varies from $ 0.01 to $ 50 or more. The more difficult actions are taken, the more expensive the commission will be.
  • Not Thinking About Blog Ranking
    Only an attractive landing page is needed to attract visitors. No need to worry about the affairs of the DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Alexa ranking, or position on the SERP because later landing pages will be promoted using paid advertising or manual promotion depending on the budget you have.
  • No Fear of Click Bombs
    One of the AdSense publisher’s nightmares is when there are prankster who click excessively on advertisements on blogs that result in an AdSense account being exposed to even banned warnings. CPA does not display any banner ads, so it is safe from people who don’t have a job doing bomb clicks.
  • No Need to Wait for a PIN to Come The
    biggest turmoil when you just started being an AdSense publisher is when the PIN has been sent, but after 3 months it doesn’t come home (personal experience). If this PIN does not exist, then you cannot pay even though the total balance has exceeded the specified minimum limit. In CPA, you just focus on selling the product and can PO (Payout) quickly.
  • No Minimum Payout
    AdSense requires the publisher to have a minimum balance of $ 100 if you want to do PO (Payout). But not so with CPA. There are some networks that do not have a minimum payout so that they can be directly withdrawn to the account.

CPA deficiency

Wait, things don’t look as beautiful and easy as described above. You also have to know what are the difficulties when playing CPA.

Most of the offers given in CPAs usually have a relatively short time limit. Therefore, a CPA marketer is required to generate leads (sales) as quickly as possible so doing optimization using SEO will be difficult. As we know, when applying SEO techniques, the results will not immediately appear immediately but several months later.

So CPA players work around this by advertising a landing page. The methods vary, some use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or others. To advertise, of course capital is needed. However, this fee will be covered when many visitors take action. If there is no capital, manual and free methods can be done, namely by way of promotion on social media. But this method is very tiring.

In addition there are several types of actions that require leads from certain countries. If there are leads from countries that are not mentioned, then they are not counted and will be forfeited. You need to target ads only to the destination country, which usually costs more than advertising in Indonesia. If you do the manual method with promotion on social media, you must be smart to filter accounts that only come from the destination country.

Preparation Before Starting CPA Marketing

You have to prepare a few things so as not to encounter many obstacles when starting to run a CPA business. Some of these include the following.

1. Landing Page

Landing page is a single page that contains an offer of CPA actions offered. Now there are many tools that automatically create landing pages instantly so publishers who don’t have CSS or HTML skills can still make attractive landing pages.

2. Capital

As explained above, playing CPA requires initial capital to advertise landing pages. This is not absolute considering there is still a free way to promote by manually offering it through social media. But this method is quite tiring and time-consuming. Using paid advertising is the best and most effective method. Will return capital when it already has a lot of leads.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is a writing technique that is able to persuade readers to take certain actions in accordance with what we want. This technique is commonly used in the marketing world. A simple example like this: “Want to display your blog to play cool? Of course that’s a bad example! Copywriting is an art. Strategies are needed to be able to make the reader “hypnotized” subtly without forcing openly.

4. Advertise

Must understand how to advertise effectively so that every rupiah that comes out is not wasted. In addition, when there are offers that require leads from certain countries, you must know how to target ads so that they only appear in the destination country. If you don’t understand, there are currently many online classes that offer advertising courses on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and the like. Or you can also directly rent advertising services from someone. I did not mention who, please find out for yourself which one is the best.

5. English

At present the CPA network is dominated by offers that are specific to foreign markets. This is caused by the purchasing power of local people who are still relatively minimal so it is rather difficult to persuade them to do something. Call it entering credit card data. Very few Indonesians use credit cards when shopping online, so this offer is not suitable for the local market.

But don’t worry, just basic English is enough. This is useful during CPA registration interview sessions, creating landing pages and writing copywriting.

How to play CPA

Now it’s time to start trying to do CPA affiliate business to win dollars from the internet as an alternative to AdSense. What are the stages? The following explanation.

1. Register with CPA Network

CPA Network is a designation for those who provide CPA programs. There are hundreds or even thousands of networks spread all over the world. Most of them are good, and some of them are unprofessional. There are already classified as large companies, some are still small scale.

You can search for networks through Google. Thorough and careful in choosing because the types are very diverse. For starters, try to try one of the networks called .

At a glance About is one of the largest CPA Networks in the world in the field of health & beauty alias health and beauty (Nutra). Sales of its products use the Cash On Delivery (COD) system. You can register in an affiliate program, choose a product, and start marketing it.

Wait, how come COD is like selling products? Did he say CPA?

So this is it … when visitors decide to buy a product, they do NOT pay immediately, but leave personal contact info. Later there will be someone from the advertiser who confirms the order via telephone. If confirmed, the order will be delivered. The buyer will pay directly to the person who delivered the order.

See what plot looks like? Visitors are still required to take action as per the understanding of CPA, which is to deposit personal data.

The COD method has a higher sales conversion because visitors do not need to provide credit card information (a common thing to do when shopping online abroad) so that it feels safer. Your opportunity to sell many products is more wide open. At present there are approximately 2,402 Nutra offers in the affiliate program with various commissions according to the program chosen.

2. Tips to Be Received by the CPA Network

Don’t be surprised if the CPA registration process is different like AdSense. A brief interview will be conducted and you will be asked a number of things, usually related to blogs or product marketing methods. It’s like a job interview. Some networks even call everything! But this is not all, so choose a network that has only mild requirements first, for example, Dr. Cash earlier.

  1. Provide your original data when registering. Don’t try to provide fake data.
  2. When registering a foreign network, do not be afraid of limitations in English. The purpose of their contact at the interview is usually to make sure you are a real and serious person who wants to join. Understandably, not a few fad people even bots who come to register.
  3. They are able to distinguish between novice and experienced publishers. So just tell the truth if you are still a beginner. Point out that you have a strong desire to learn to be able to generate a lot of sales. Never pretend to be a lot of experience because it will backfire. Unless you really have experience.
  4. Once again, don’t be afraid to talk. Shyness will only make you look bad. Just be confident when you speak basic English.
  5. Have a personal website or blog that can be used as an additional portfolio.

Is it scary? For beginners, maybe. But everything will pay off when you get accepted. The commission obtained from the CPA is quite large, you know.

Later there is someone called Affiliate Manager (AM) whose job is to guide you. He’s a real person, not a bot whose chat answers are always the same. AM can be used as a friend in carrying out CPA offers or asked for opinions when there are difficulties. So get along well with AM.

How to Bring Traffic to CPAs

Broadly speaking, there are two types of traffic sources that can be used as a means of promotion, namely free traffic and paid traffic . Both have been discussed briefly in the paragraphs above. We review a little more so that you are more confident to start doing business at CPA.

1. Free Traffic

As the name implies, free means free. No need to pay a dime to do a promotion. Consequently, you must try harder and spend more time. This method is suitable for beginners who are just starting CPA. Some examples of free traffic include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    SEO is no stranger to the ears of bloggers and publishers. By doing onpage and offpage optimization, our site will be perched on the first page of the search engine without incurring any costs. But as I have discussed above, there are several CPA offers that have short deadlines. Before your site goes up on SERP, CPA offers might be finished.
  2. Social Media
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like can be used to attract visitors. Can be promoted directly to the person or by entering into certain groups and promotions in the group.
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Forum
  5. Video Marketing (Youtube)

2. Paid Traffic

Paid traffic can also be referred to as advertising. This is a very effective method for CPA affiliate players. Traffic will come sooner than having to manually promote. The cost of the ads that come out is nothing compared to the commission that will be obtained later. If you have more capital, it never hurts to try paid traffic. There are many types, the most popular ones are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads. Can also hire the services of an influencer to promote.


Wow, the writing is long. CPA Marketing: AdSense Alternative To Making Money From the Internet.The point is in this world it’s not just AdSense that is proven to produce coffers of money through the internet. There are many other methods, one of which is CPA. Be smart to choose a CPA Network that suits your abilities and maximize the science of advertising to be able to bring in a lot of traffic. Hopefully this CPA marketing guide can be a little enlightening. If something is wrong, please correct it in the comments column.

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