check indexed by Google the number of pages

There are several ways to check the URL of a post that has been indexed by a search engine. I will try to explain according to the knowledge you have. Read it to the end.

This is a follow-up article from the previous discussion entitled How To Check Pages Already Indexed by Google or Not . If it turns out the page has been indexed properly, usually a new question arises that makes me curious: actually how many pages of my blog have been indexed by Google?

How to check the number of pages indexed by Google

  1. Using Google
    The easiest and fastest way is to use Google’s own service. To do this, you just type the short command in the search box with the format
  2. Example:
    Pay attention to the numbers that appear below the search box (marked in red in the picture). It’s written there Sekitar 477. This means that the number of pages indexed is approximately 477 pieces.

If you have several subdomains with the same TLD, the results that appear are the entire subdomain. See? Gini mean, you know …. for example I have 4 blogs namely,,, and Then the number of indexes that appear is the total of the four blogs.

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